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Without or With Facebook Auto likes Access Token

Today i am going to share with you an great post because every day you learn some thing new so today we are tacking about how to get free and fast Facebook like on Facebook status without using access token or with. If you try any online tool that offer free likes or say get free likes on your profile picture or what ever they say they need one think that is access token right. Lets take an example likelo is best online site that give you almost 250 to 1200 like on your Facebook status and pictures but they need access token. Is that one is necessary or not yes that is required because when you give some one access to your profile then they can fetch information from your profile other wise they can’t fetch your details. So here question come up in our minds is that access is save for us or not. I am not sure but my experience say that is save i also use this method to get Facebook like fast and free. So all site that ask you for access token by you simply allow there application and give them access to your account they don’t steal your passwords or  messages they only fetch your details like your email, name, pictures, status and friends etc. I have one more good news for you so if you don’t want to give access to these 3rd party applications then you go for Addme fast. In addme fast they don’t need any access token they just need your Facebook fan page link, post link or picture link for like then when you provide that link where you want likes then you get tons of likes for free and that’s all i hope so you like this information if you like it then share my words please and also like and submit your reviews in comment box below.

Conclusion: Now we learn how to get free and fast like on your Facebook picture, status and fan page without using Facebook access token or using Facebook access token.

How To Transfer Domain Name To HostGator For Free?

Everybody knows wellwhat a domain is. It is simply the URL address that tells the browser where your server is located. It is the key to your blog. BlogSpot users often purchase domain from Blogger's recommended registrars like Godaddy. Some even purchase domains from local hosts. No matter where you domain is hosted, a good news is that luckily HostGator doesn't charge you for domain name transfers. You don't need to pay $20 or above for domain transfer, you can transfer it for free along with free technical support of the staff. Amazingly any domain transferred to HostGator is automatically renewed for an additional year for free! Today we will discuss the step by step procedure to correctly and safely transfer your domain from your current registrar to HostGator. But first make sure that you have already bought a hosting plan for your blog. 

Domain Transfer Guide
Note: Please never be panic by seeing so much details listed below. I have elaborated and exaggerated simple three steps so that every single important information is discussed in detail.

These Steps To Follow After Purchasing a Hosting Plan

HostGator will Email you all details of your account. You will have a secret Cpanel address, a username and a password. Keep this email in a safe place or folder inside your inbox. Note that if your Domain is very new and not even 2 months old then you can not transfer it. Domain names that are older than 2 months can be transferred.
After you have successfully created an account you have to follow these steps:
  1. Go To HostGator Domain Transfer
  2. Read the information there carefully and I will highlight important areas here
  3. 1. Make sure the WhoIs information is up-to-date. 
    2. Make sure you have access to the email address stated in the WhoIs Information. 
    3. Update name servers to the HostGator name servers prior to initiating transfer. 
    4. Unlock the domain. 
    5. Retrieve the EPP Authorization key from your current registrar. 
    6. Fill out the HostGator domain transfer form. 
    7. Please ensure that the domain is at least 60 days old. 
    8. This process can take up to 7 days, so please allow plenty of time for your previous registrar to approve the transfer.
The 3rd, 4thand 5th point is very important. I did not observed the step 3 while making the transfer therefore it took me around 8 days instead of 3-5 days. All these steps are extremely easy, this is what you need to do.

Update your WhoIS information:

This means that you may log into your current register account and see that it contains your primary email address that you used for HostGator while signing up.

Update the Name Servers To HostGator:

This means that you need to set DNS settings for your account. DNS can easily be set by following these easy steps:
Tip: We will follow the same tutorial here on DNS settings
  • In your Cpanel Click on Advanced DNS Zone Editor
HostGator DNS ZONE
  • You will see a form with few blank fields and an option list. We will create juts 1CNAME record but 4 A Records.
For creating CNAME do this:
  1. Inside Name write www  which will be automatically replaced with your Domain URL
  2. Inside TTL write 14400
  3. Set Type to CNAME
  4. Inside address write
  5. Click on Add Record
  6. Done!
For Creating A Record do this:
  1. Inside Name enter your naked domain name such as without the www
  2. Inside TTL write 14400
  3. Set Type to A
  4. Inside address write this I.P address
  5. Click Add Record
Repeat the process  three times and in step#3 enter for the following I.P addresses respectively:

 6.   Done!

Unlock The Domain

We often hide our personal data in WhoIs like Email address and mailing address in order to avoid spam. But you will have to remove all security checks for the domain from your Domain Control panel. Go back to your current Domain account and remove and deactivate any security settings that you may have applied. This is called Domain Unlocking.

Retrieve the EPP Authorization key

EPP authorization key is a secret code that you will need to create using Domain Transfer Tool on your current Registrar account. This code will give rights and permission to HostGator to start the domain Transfer process. Search inside your dashboard for terms such as "Domain transfer" "Transfer Domain Tool" or " EPP Authorization code" "EPP key" etc. You just need to click a button to generate this code.

Finally Fill up the form
Now you can confidently fill up the form on HostGator Domain Transfer Page.
Domain Transfer form
Your primary HostGator Domain is the Domain address you wish to transfer i.e. Your Website URL.
Domain you wish to transfer is of course your Website URL
Submit your EPP Authorization Key
Set automatic invoicing as YES. They will update you weeks before when your Web hosting reaches its expiry date so that you could renew before time.
Click Submit and you can now sit and relax!

Accept the Domain Transfer Email

Please keep checking your Inbox for any Email you may receive. Your Registrar or HostGator can contact you to verify that you are the real owner of the Domain.

How Long will it take? Will it effect your traffic?

It will take at most a week. So be patient. Your traffic will not be disturbed because it can continue as normal. Whatever transfer settings that may occur at the background wont effect your incoming traffic in any way. Our Blog went down for 24 hours because we had forgotten setting the DNS settings which I have now clearly explained under Name Servers headline so that your transfer may occur as smoothly as possible. During this time keep bugging the agents and enquire about the status of the Transfer. They never mind :>

Enjoy a Free One Year Domain Hosting

Upon the transfer HostGator automatically renews your domain for 1 additional year as a welcome gift from them. This is one reason why I call them crazy!

"4 Requirements" To Make Money Through Blogging In 2016

blogging requirements

No matter if you are a student, housewife or jobless, blogging is a technical skill that turns a layman into an entrepreneur if applied correctly. We always advise 10th grade students to start learning blogging because by the time they will graduate their tiny blog would have become a revenue generating engine. Blogging is surely an art and it can work only if your strategies are practical and focused. Big internet marketers often launch blogs with the start of each new year so that they could multiply their current income. Creating more blogs is never a big challenge but creating your very first blog is. But before you may start a new blog or take any such decision, we  would like to guide you throughout your journey so that you may emerge as a well established professional blogger.

The Four Fundamental Blogging Requirements

1. Build Up Your Skills

I will write a detailed post on "technical requirements for becoming a pro blogger" and here I will just give some highlights. Normally people who succeed with blogging are
  1. Web Designers
  2. Web developers
  3. Internet Marketers
People with any of the above designations have always turned out a productive resource for blogosphere. As a web designer myself, I could have never enjoyed blogging if I lacked designing skills. A blogger is not just an English writer who publishes links to Google, he is the brain behind the content as well as the blog's solid structure. To win the hearts of readers you must exhibit extra ordinary skills by presenting your posts in a professional way. You must design and maintain the blog regularly. A blog with dull grey look and layout is always a complete failure. You must make use of rich HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript effects to create web objects that may provide the best web interface to your visitors. Keeping a blog clean, easy to navigate and easy to search and read, demands designing skills on behalf of the author. Therefore you don't just need to be an excellent writer to become successful blog author but you must also have basic design skills required to stand out the competition.
You can learn HTML and CSS within a month and start creating amazing objects using Jquery and JavaScript the very next month. I will share all these details in my next post.

2. Understand what Search Engine is

Of course everyone knows what a search engine is but if this is true then why do people fail in driving traffic while on contrary others are entertained with immense traffic significantly? Optimizing your blogs is not the end of the story, there is something without which you can never expect to compete those billion of web pages fed into Google, Yahoo and Bing every single day! 
Search engines work on the principle: "Produce Quality Content, Publish it first and get Served Forever!"
1. Produce Quality Content:
This term is highly misinterpreted in blogosphere. Quality content is not just about writing lengthy big paragraphs with a word limit of 700-1000 words. Quality content in accordance with latest Google Panda guidelines stands for publishing unique content which must be fresh, latest and new. This is one reason why blogs like Techcrunch and mashable are so successful. They act more like news feeders. Search engines look eagerly for blogs that produce content relevant to the current time, happenings around the world, trends in technology and on going seasonal occasions.
We could have published this post without adding the word 2012 in the title but this single numeric value plays wonders in search engine results page (SERP).
2. Publish it first:
Never wait for someone else to publish a news if you heard it first. Always share tutorials and posts on latest developments.
For example: As soon as people heard about Google+, thousands of tutorials were published the very next day. This is how internet has become, it never waits for anything.
3. Get Served Forever:
One of the things that I practically experienced with search engines especially Google is that if you are the first one to break a news or share it online, Google will direct most of the relevant organic traffic towards you. We are still being served with valuable traffic Alhamdulillah for breaking the following news:
  • Facebook Video Calling
  • How To Join Google+?
  • Undo Timeline
Note that news here means "Sharing it first"

3. Act like a Journalist

What does Journalist does? Of course his job is to keep himself informed with everything. You must subscribe Giant technology corporate blogs and sites for updates in the world of social media and online media or at least visit these sites once a day. What I do is visiting my favorite technology blogs daily and I also use Alexa toolbar which shares interesting headlines across the globe. You can create an igoogle homepage and add RSS feeds of blogs related to your niche so that you may remain updated with latest happenings.

4. Publish Multiple Posts Per Day

If you are posting just twice per week and expecting revenue, then its time that you must open you eyes and wake up from these failed tactics. Read the following detailed tutorial:
  • Publish Several Posts Per Day To Boost Traffic
This is the magic tip I recommend to all. There is nothing that can build your blogging career overnight except this strategy of post frequency. You must read the tutorial carefully to understand this important demand of pro blogging.

Why Your Blog Makes No Money?

Now watch this interesting video by lisa from 2createwebsite. I really respect and follow her.

So will you launch a blog in 2016?

After having read the four important technical requirements needed to turn out as a speaking blogger, do you think you can start a new blog now?
I would like to share an interesting news here, we are soon going to launch a new blog in February 2012. The niche is based on Affiliate Marketing and Make Money Online. Hope it will be a valuable resource of learning for students (especially) and people who are fed up with their jobs.   The blog will be hosted on Wordpress in order to add a different flavor to our network. I just hope this tiny post proves helpful in guiding you to the right blogging spirit. Peace and blessings pals! :)

"Three Learning Stages" To Become a Professional Blogger

- Part2

blogging learning stagesIn our previous post on skills required to become a successful pro blogger some commented that how is web designing related to the art of content writing. They are linked so tightly together that they are the loops that form the chain required to strengthen your online existence. Development in technology has broken all past records and new tools and gadgets are out in market every second. People are slowly turning their businesses Online. After 9/11 even IBM shifted to cloud computing, which means even they realized the importance of online media for their safety. Different Content Management systems like Joomla, Blogger and Wordpress are spreading like a crazy wave. Those who can afford are switching to Wordpress and those who can not stick to Blogger.  Since you are going to start a profession, that will serve the rapidly increasing internet population with ideas, tutorials, guides and resources, therefore to survive, you need to be extra ordinary in your skills. You must know how to make design changes to your webpage. You need to understand and learn how web hosting works, how data is transferred via ftp and how webpages are structured along with how to market your blog and skills smartly.

Note: These series in no way highlight me as a Pro Blogger. I prefer the title of a peanut blogger and would remain and live so always.
Pro Blogging SERIES
Part1: What skills are needed by a Professional Blogger?
Part2: "Three Learning Stages" To Become a Professional Blogger
Part3: Why Your Blog Makes No Money?
Part4: How Come Web Development is the Key To Become SIX FIGURE Blogger?

Should you Follow Pro Bloggers?

People like Darren Rowse, ZacJohnson and JohncHow are accidental millionaires. You should never take them as role models at initial stages for becoming a successful blogger but do follow them once you reach stage#3. They had started their careers 8-12 years ago when even social networks like Facebook was hatching out and new to the world. The traffic that they have today is due to those Golden days when competition was Zero to what it is today. To be simple and straight, you should follow them once you start earning at least $500 per month. Before this stage, following their tips wont help you a lot. Most of them talk about affiliate marketing and Ebook promotion. You can surely make money out of these two golden tools but first you need to build a repo online.

Blogging Learning Stages:

Duration: 6 Months
Traffic: Zero
At this stage you must learn and apply the following:
  1. Start a blog with and never with free wordpress
  2. Choose a Topic that may help you Make Money. You should not start writing on anything you like, only selected niches work wonders for a Blog. You need to be logical in the choice of your Blog Niche. People who often end up blogging career with disappointment are those who don't understand what drives money and what keywords actually mean.This will be discussed in Part-3 of the series
  3. Submit your sitemap to Google, link to Yahoo.
  4. Apply all SEO related tweaks to your template. This will turn you into a SEO. Give great focus to SEO articles published at MBT because we share everything here that would work for any blog, may it be running on wordpress or blogger or typepad.
  5. Do not apply for Adsense! It comes in stage#2
  6. Read tutorials on how to customize your template. This will polish your web designing skills. 
  7. Keep learning and applying HTML and CSS3 tutorials
  8. Write at least one Post per day of at least 500 words. Adopt the written formatted style of your favourite bloggers. See how they present their ideas with a post and how they format the text to make it appealing.
  9. Always Write on social media no matter what your blog topic may be. Do mention Facebook and Google Plus updates to your readers and keep writing on them when the news is worth sharing. The initial push in traffic depends on social networking sites.
  10. Buy a Custom domain
Duration: After six months of your start. Lasts for Six more months
Traffic: Above 500 daily unique visitors
Now when you have been applying all tips of Stage#1, you qualify for stage#2. Here you should do this:
  1. Apply for AdSense. Add 336 by 280 just below post titles. Enough! Add Text & image/rich media ads. You should not turn your blog into a fish market of ads. This wont increase your revenue, instead would discourage readership. Read next tip..
  2. Give more importance to readership and less to Revenue for at least 1 Year.
  3. Build your twitter, Facebook, Google Plus Fans and most importantly your RSS Subscribers. How? This will be answered in Part-4 of the series
  4. Write Guest posts to build rich backlinks. Give your best shots with your guest posts. win the heart of the admin as well as his readers. There are many sites that accept guest posts. We accept guest posts from loyal subscribers only.
  5. Don't waste time commenting on forums and blogs. Write only quality guest posts to drive PageRank juice and consistent inorganic traffic.
  6. Work on your Alexa Rank. The best tip to improve Alexa is Post Frequency and nothing else. Keep your posts focused on social media to boost Alexa Rank.
  7. Learn how Web Hosting works.
Duration: stage3 1 year of your start. Lasts forever
Traffic: Above 1000 daily unique visitors
Target: Succeed in receiving 5000 visitors per day the second year of your blogging.
At the point where you succeed in receiving above 1k traffic daily, you then qualify for stage three.
  1. Apply for Banner Ad services like BuySellAds
  2. Don't increase the Ad spot prices when you start seeing sponsors. Maintain a fixed price for at least 20-30 days. Display no more than 12-15 Ad spots per page.
  3. Never Compromise Blog load time for anything. Beauty matters too but use only those widgets that may help your visitors and do not add widgets just for the sake of attractive design.
  4. Share posts based on Affiliate Ads. Learn what is Affiliate Marketing.
  5. You can now confidently Follow Pro Bloggers! Learn their Marketing strategies and apply them.
  6. Increase your post frequency and make sure to increase traffic by 200%. You must now be able to understand what brings traffic.
  7. Choose Topics wisely now and keep fascinating readers with free goodies and resources
  8. Write at fixed time and don't just publish posts randomly at any time you find your post ready. Schedule your posts to a fixed time. This boosts Alexa greatly.
  9. Start valuing every single hour in a day. Work at most 6-8 hours per day.
  10. You sole purpose should be now building readership, maintaining traffic, interacting with readers more and more.
  11. Keep reading on how to Choose Ad spots wisely.
  12. Choose just one Affiliate product and promote it
  13. Subscribe to biggest technology blogs and keep yourself updated with latest developments. Publish a post on biggest headlines always!
  14. Be polite in your tone even if someone tries to pull your legs.
  15. Each day you must see a change in your Alexa Rank, Fan Count, Subscriber count and unique visitors and PageViews.
  16. Always keep an eye on your competitor. If you think he has shared something you have not yet published then do not wait just post on it in your own unique style with more enhancements.
  17. Be unique in your tone, style and strategy. Success will be waiting at your doors to Hug you soon.

Need Help?

If there is anything I could not clearly explain just let me know pals. I tried to be as honest in sharing this valuable information as I could. I have share almost everything that I have learnt so far. Indeed due to lack of time I could not explain some points in detail but I am sure once we publish the remaining parts of this series, you will have a clear picture in mind about how blogging is done and practiced.
Do let me know how much did this post help you in making your minds clear and in guiding you to the straight and correct track. Peace and blessings buddies. :)

Video Marketing Tips For Smart Bloggers - Drive Massive Traffic Plus Income!!

video marketing tips

Are you the one who has got strong visualizations? Do you find visualizing your thoughts more interesting as compared to articulating them? Are you the one who is more into background color, music and other video effects while watching a movie? To wrap up, are you a video freak? If yes, how many times have you thought to turn your freakiness into cash? If you have not given it a thought before; do it now! Because we are going to tell you the right ways that could satisfy your passion and drive you massive traffic and finally massive income through overwhelming ad impressions. All you need is to create videos and upload them smartly!

We would highly recommend that you read these tutorials parallel to this one:
  • How come video Blogging is the way to drive traffic?
  • How To Make a video popular in YouTube?

Become a VideoGrapher:

You can think of turning your passion into profession. Just like any other career, you need to pay attention and work hard for it. Since, it is not easy to produce competitive videos without proper knowledge. As the very first step, you need to determine the type of services you will be providing i.e. will you be filming weddings only or do you plan to offer extensive editing and professional commercial videos. You may prefer to take some video editing courses to learn film aesthetics, web compression, DVD compression, adding after effects, mixing of soundtracks and the use of film-making programs etc..
Of course, you need some equipment as well such as digital video camcorder camera, lots of storage, editing software, audio equipment etc..
You can then sell your videos online, as there are many sites waiting for your creativity. You can sell your videos to istockvideo, rever or can make on demand videos at Google; just to name a few.

-Promote on Video Sharing Sites:

top video sharing sites
YouTube is the largest video sharing network and people are earning lots of money by uploading videos there. You can even make a channel of your own, just like bloggers prefer having their own blog, to generate handsome living. But, do not stick to one site only. Make your videos viral by sharing them on top 10 video sharing sites.
1) YouTube
2) Metacafe
3) Dailymotion
5) Veoh
6) VideoEgg
7) Grouper
8) Jumpcut
9) AOL
10) Eyespot
-Promote on Pinterest
pinterest tipsHere comes your stunning showcase; Pinterest! You can pin your photos to feel the taste of flicker and can re-pin or comment on it, if you are addicted to facebook. Missing the video giant? You don’t need to miss it anymore because pinterest lets you upload your videos as well. So now you have your videos besides your photos on the same wall. If anyone is following your pins, he/she would definitely have a look at your videos unintentionally. It is just like that you entered to buy a showpiece but you came out with a painting, because it won your appreciation. Hence, do not forget to pin your videos at pinterest and make full use of it. It can gain drive traffic more than your imagination.

-Video Blogging—broadcast your blog:

If you are running a blog but unable to drive enough traffic; you can use video making skills to attract the crowd. Make videos relevant to the posts you publish. If you are writing tutorials; it would be a great idea to show all the steps in the video with audio recording as per needed. You can then upload these videos on video sharing networks such YouTube, MetaCafe and DailyMotion. Don’t forget to mention your blog link in the video. Promote some of your other post topics in the end so that people follow you on your blog to find out what you have got. This would result in creating two different traffic sources for same content; search robots would crawl the text and the videos will gain traffic from video networks.

5 Smart Tips To Make a Better Video:

We will quickly share some of the fundamental tips that you need to consider while making videos.
  1. Your video should be easily understandable with subtitles, if required.
  2. Present quality tutorials with easy to follow steps. Don’t make fast moves while teaching someone.
  3. Do not speak too fast even if you are fluent enough with English because many people find it difficult to grab. Use simple language and speak as if you are talking to a naïve.
  4. Apply all the SEO tips and tricks for selecting the title, adding the description and tag it properly.
  5. Do not try to make video for nothing. Create one when its need is properly justified.

Your Say:

Today’s post was a bit different and did not focus our blogger fellows. Still, our blogger friends should give thought to video blogging because if you are not good at making video; you still have an option to embed one from YouTube that will add spice to your post. You can also make simple tutorials which consist of desktop recording using camtasia or camstudio. All this will add up to your current blog and website traffic and increase the number of your daily unique visitors and page impressions.  How did you find our post? Was it informative enough or did we miss something?We are waiting for your positive criticism.

Earn More Money By Using Google Affiliate Ads For Blogger

Google Affiliate Nwtwork
Blogger is one of the most popular publishing platforms available for anyone who wants to voice their thoughts and opinions on the internet. You can also use blogs to earn money online. If you are a Blogger users, then here is a brand new opportunity for you to earn some extra cash right from your Blogger blog! Google has very recently announced another monetization option for Blogger blogs, i.e. the brand new Affiliate Ads!

The Google Affiliate Ads is a new Affiliate Marketing concept by Google, and a positive initiative towards benefiting publishers who are passionate about certain brands or products. Google says, "We believe your recommendation (about products and services) is valuable, and want you to benefit from it". Therefore, here is your chance to try out your hands at this latest Affiliate Marketing tool!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In the most simplest terms, Affiliate Marketing refers to the promotion of services or products through customers. It works like this: I buy a certain product, and then recommend it to you. Then you buy that product too through my 'referral'. In that case, the product's company will pay me, an 'affiliate', a certain amount of your purchase, as a 'commission'. If you refer other people, then you will get the commission, and so on.

Affiliate Marketing

Most popular affiliate ad marketing companies include BuySellAds, ClickBank, Amazon etc. In fact, most of the companies nowadays are offering affiliate programs to anyone willing to join. It's high time that Google do the same. This was a much awaited feature among bloggers.

About Google Affiliate Ads

This great new feature has been introduced in the form of a widget, which you can easily add to your blog posts to earn money. Whenever you write a new post about a product or service from a featured advertiser, this Google Affiliate Ad widget will help you display an affiliate ad on your post. You can choose a relevant ad from the widget. This ad can be a text-link ad, an image or a fully fledged banner.

Google Affiliate Ads

This feature is different from the pay-per-click model for AdSense Ads. Since Affiliate Marketing is all about the performance of the affiliates, this scheme pays on a par-per-action basis. Thus, you get a greater commission for a larger number of referrals that you make.

Getting Started

Before getting started, you need to make sure that you have an AdSense account. If you don't have one, Google AdSense. You do not need to set up AdSense Ads for this program. Just sign in using your AdSense account.

Once signed up, go over to your blogger homepage, and click on the Earnings tab. There, you will find an option Get Started. You will be guided through the rest of the process. It's that simple really! Browse through available ad categories to pick an ad for your blog.

Here is a preview of the Google Affiliate Ads


Since Google Affiliate Ads is a brand new program, it is still in its initial stages. Currently, the number of ad categories is limited. So if you don't see the select ad option, the maybe it's because your blog content does not match the ad categories. Google is working on expanding their reaches, so be patient please!

Secondly, this service is currently limited to the U.S. People outside of U.S. can't use this feature as yet. But then again, it's fresh feature, and will take time to mature. We are expecting Google to extend this limit to more countries in the near future.

If this feature is not available to you, don't worry. It will be made available very soon. We will notify you of any updates that Google makes.


Overall, we think that this is a great new initiative by Google that not only allows people to earn more money through Blogger, but also allows them to connect with their audience by selling products, as affiliate marketing is all about connecting with people and performance-based marketing. Do let us know about what you think about this exciting new feature. And for those who have this advertising option available, good luck with it :). For others, stay tuned :D

Choosing The Perfect Advertisment Option For Your Blog

Blog monetization is among the best ways to earn money online. Indeed, advertisements are a primary (and the only) source of income for most bloggers. Hence, online advertisements are extremely important, especially to a blogger. For most blogs, the type of advertisements can determine how much revenue is generated. Not only that, they can also impact a blog's traffic. Good, well placed ads can make a lot of money for you. But if you use poorly configured, irrelevant ads, then forget about generating a decent income. Such ads can ruin your blog's traffic. Hence, choosing the right advertisement is vital for your online success.

When choosing ads for your blog / website, there are many things you need to be mindful of. It's not just about ad size, ad colours, ad placement etc. Ad effectiveness also depends upon the type of ads that you choose. There are various online advertisements option available to you as a blogger. You can choose from Banner ads, in-line text ads, contextual ads etc. Let's look at some advert types, and compare them to see what they have to offer.

Popular Advertisement Options

Banner Ads

Banner Ads are a visual form of advertisements that contain colourful picture advertisements coupled with text. They can be flash files, animated GIFs or simple JPG images. Banners are the most popular form of advertisements, since they are attractive and known for drawing customers.

Banner Ads
Advantages - Banner advertisements have a lot of advantages. First of all, banners are easier to make than some other types of ads, such as video ads etc. Secondly, banners can go anywhere on your size, since they come in different sizes. Banner ads attract more people due to all the colours and animations etc. They provide the 'eye candy' to visitors, and hence provide more click through rate than most other type of ads. Banner ads have become an important part of most websites, without which the site seem sort of empty.

Bad practices - Publishers need to be careful about their banners though. Banners with annoying animations can irk the visitors. Moreover, the heavier the animation, the larger the file size, making the website load slower. This is perhaps one of the greatest drawback of using large-sized banners. And if there is anything more annoying than a site loading slowly, it's the sounds that suddenly start to come from god knows where! It is recommended that you do not use sounds with animations, unless the visitor chooses to click on a banner.

Contextual Ads

Contextual Ads
Recent trends have shown that contextual ads are the need of the hour! Contextual ads are becoming more and more popular, since they are highly relevant to the blog. Contextual ads use your website information such as meta keywords etc and decide what ads are best for you. These are dynamic ads that change according to the advertiser's wishes. Mos such ads usually pay on a PPC (Pay Per Click) basis.

Like I said, these ads are quite relevant to your website, which means a higher click through rate, since most of your visitors are interested in exactly the kind of things displayed on these ads. Such ads need to be handled carefully though. Blogs may need to redesigned slightly to optimize them for such ads.

In-line Text Ads

Infolinks In-Text Ads
In-line text ads are another popular form of advertisement. In-line text ads are a form of contextual ads, and are embedded into the text on your blog. Whenever a reader hovers over the specified text, a small pop-up appears containing more information about the product.

In-line text ads have the advantage that they are not obtrusive and don't come in the way of those who don't want to look at ads. But they are highly efficient for those who are interested in some particular product.

Keep in mind, however, that in-line text ads mostly work on large blogs/websites, usually where there are a lot of daily visitors, and they tend to read between the lines. For small blogs, this strategy isn't very effective, mainly due to the low traffic.

Video Ads

Although Video Ads are not as popular as the above, the average revenue per conversion is generally higher. Videos also give exposure to your ads since they can shared on multiple social media networks. But unfortunately, the conversion rate for video ads is low. Not many people will click on a video to play it. Remember; do not make the mistake of starting videos automatically! Believe me, it's really annoying to the visitors, who don't want anything to bog down their loading speed.
Video Ads

Pop-up Ads

Readers get ads on separate browser windows, tabs etc. These are the most controversial form of advertisements. On the one hand, they are very effective in terms of cost-per-click. Users don't have an option to simply ignore the ads. Ads are presented to them no matter what. They can either choose to click on them, or close the windows. Indeed, some websites have pop ups that don't close when you click on the close button. Rather, they open further pop ups. Hence, this ensures a high click through rate.

Pop up ads aren't advisable
On the other hand though, pop ups are very annoying to the reader. When an ad obstructs my reading of an article, I simply leave that website. Hence, expect a high bounce rate if you are using pop up ads. And don't let the inflated click through rates fool you. Your conversion rate will still be low, perhaps lower than other forms of advertisements. Browsers nowadays have the option of blocking pop ups entirely. In that case, all your efforts will go to vain.

Therefore, pop ups should be used very wisely. Use them rarely, if at all. If used correctly, they can also contribute a lot towards a decent income.

Interstitial Ads

Interstitial Ads can be considered as a form of pop ups. But they appear on transitions. Meaning that they appear between user requests. For example if your website has a movie review with an excerpt at the main page, then such ads can appear after someone clicks on the excerpt to see the whole thing. Since such ads do not interfere much with the users' browsing, this form of advertising is preferred to pop up advertising.

Interstitial Ads


If you have a blog that provides quality information that readers really need, then you might ask for donations. For this, you will need to build interactions with your audience, and resolve any troubles they have relating to the expertise you offer. Small and new websites don't benefit from this. Instead, they are seen as frauds. So if your blog / website has authority, only then should you go for donations.

And one thing more. Please don't claim that you will be giving the money for charity unless you are really doing so. Falsely claiming donations for charity is not only unfair and against social ethics, it is also a crime. Charity funding comes under a certain legal jurisprudence, with its own rules and regulations. If you claim that the money is for charity, some organization might approach you and ask for all invoices and audits etc. You could be tried in court then and there! So please just ask for donations for supporting your own business and/or your team.

There are a lot of advertisements types you can opt for. But only choose one that's right for your blog. Wrongly used ads can seriously effect your blog's reputation, while well configured ads can add meaning to your life :)

That is it for now. Thanks for all the support guys. See ya soon in the next post :)
Cheers :D

Web Development is Surely The Key To Become a "SIX FIGURE BLOGGER"

 - Part4

six figure bloggerYes you heard it right! No one can be expected to Park a luxury car safely without  Practice or prior Driving knowledge. The number of entrepreneurs, bloggers, freelancers and Internet Marketers is successfully increasing but only some of them succeed in establishing their base online after correctly following the survival tactics. From16 February 2011 onwards, there are now over 156 million public blogs in existence but only atom equivalent numbers have turned Blogging into a Online Happy Living, others gave up with disappointment. During my presentations I often ask the crowd this question "How many bloggers are here?" I then see 80% raising their hands but when asked "How many are earning at least $500-$1K monthly with their blogs?" I find all hands down. This is funny yet a big logical fact. How can some one just jump at something without first building the foundation for it. In todays tutorial, we will be focusing on students, housewives and jobless at large and even those newbie bloggers who are looking for every possible way to increase organic traffic and generate revenue.

Note: This is part 4 our our series on Pro Blogging. We will highly recommend that you read this series sequentially. If you have not read the previous parts then you may do so for better understanding of the topic.  
Pro Blogging SERIES
Part1: What skills are needed by a Professional Blogger?
Part2: "Three Learning Stages" To Become a Professional Blogger
Part3: Why Your Blog Makes No Money?
Part4: How Come Web Development is the Key To Become SIX FIGURE Blogger?

What is Blogging?

Blogging is not at all the art of publishing links to Google and Making Money with Adsense or any other Ad service. Blogging is a long term business that turns a noob into a skilled entrepreneur. If you are blogging just to earn via Adsense then you are badly mistaken. Ad services cost for just 40% of blogging revenue , remaining is earned via Blog services and Affiliate commissions.
Blogging follows this sequence
  1. Learn Web Development  (For becoming not just a blogger)
  2. Start with Google Blogger
  3. Learn SEO
  4. Build Readership
  5. Build Traffic
  6. Display Ads
  7. Promote Affiliate Products
  8. Earn and Enjoy!
To get an idea of what blogging is and how to start a blog, better read these tutorials,
  1. What is blogging and how to start a blog?
  2. How To Destroy Your Blogging Career?    -  Must Read!

Why are you relating Blogging To Web Development?

Blogging doesn't just require some good written and grammar skills, neither just SEO, its beyond that. Majority of successful bloggers today are web developers or at least having some idea of languages like CSS3, HTML4 and php. You need to provide readers with some extra ordinary skills. You need to develop these skills to present a better blog to the world. During your blogging career, you will often need to create a logo, banner, design a page, create a tool etc. and it would sound weird if you can't do these things yourself and rely on a freelancer. Neither will these skills help you with your blog management but you can even sell your web development skill services and win bids as freelancer. Your readers would love to pay you as much as you want for the services you offer.
No matter what you blog on, you always need to create a video or banner or an ebook and lastly a promotional web page to promote your work. All these is a complete headache and loss of revenue if you don't know basic developing skills.
Your tutorials will sound more logical and correct if you have knowledge about these web technologies. You will be able to format and optimize your posts better. You can edit the codes for your templates without anyone's help and most importantly you can estimate how robots crawl and index your content. You let a search robot dance at your tones!

What is web development?

In part one of our series we discovered the skills required by a professional blogger and we emphasize on web designing but today we will go a step ahead and would talk about web development.
Web designing is limited to learning these:
  1. Web graphics using Adobe Photoshop CS5 at least.
  2. HTML4 and CSS3
  3. Dream Weaver CS5
  4. JavaScript, Jquery (Just applications)
Web designing helps you to design Static websites, your very own blog, add elements and objects to your page to make it more interactive, create logos and banners for blog promotion and helps you in doing small freelancing jobs. It is limited to Static pages only while web development is the next level to create Dynamic pages.
Difference between Static and Dynamic Pages
Static Pages are created using CSS3, HTML, JavaScript and Jquery. Our Services Pages are examples of static pages which involves no programming and is simple display of content.  You will learn to create such pages with web designing skills.

Dynamic pages are created using a programming language largely with either PHP or ASP. Wordpress or Facebook are created using PHP and it lets you create amazing programmable pages to create interactive plugins, widgets and auto controllable stuff. The Meta Tag generator and Pinger Tool is an example of a dynamic page. The tool is coded with PHP, even our contact form is coded with PHP. To perform some function you need to learn programming languages and my personal recommendation is that you learn PHP as it has a high market demand and is the perfect bid earning language for freelancers. Parallel to this you must learn MySQL to understand how databases work and are manage. All your images, posts, comments and every single element on your Blogs are stored at Blogger Databases. You will learn to create such pages with web development skills. I just completed my PHP and MySQL learning course this month to become a full time web developer.
So web development is all about creating dynamic pages that perform some function rather just a read only graphics.

Learning Chart

This should be your target to achieve within 6-8 months in 2012.
Web Designing  (Six Months)Web Development  (Two Months)
Adobe PhotoshopPHP, MySQL
Dream Weaver 
JavaScript (basic knowledge) 
JQuery (extreme basic know-how) 

Isn't it difficult? I don't have enough time

Time is the main constraint in everyone's life. But high term goals require effort. If you have youngsters at your home then you must guide them to this path. Our presentation on entrepreneurship is what that you must read and watch.
Web development is the easiest yet most interesting field choice for everyone looking to make a living online. Blogging is fun when you know how to present yourself uniquely and share stuff that is creative. People love creative content and they love listening to people with skills. Therefore you must learn this magic art to keep yourself distinct from your competitors. Recommend it to your youngsters and children at home.

End Of Series

Dead jobs with fixed salary is never a clever aim of life. You need a smart living plan and it is surely blogging that teaches you how websites generate revenue, how traffic trends changes, how latest technologies work and how people turn into SIX FIGURE Millionaires by working less but working smart.
This marks the end of our series on pro blogging. The entire aim behind this knowledge sharing was to educate you with the right decisions and plannings. Things aren't that difficult if you apply correct logics. Those who are millionaires today are not extra ordinary Genius mortals, they are common people like you but the only difference that lies is use of LOGIC. Blogging can surely turn out into a business for you if you carefully follow the instructions shared in this series and our previous tutorials. You must first develop skills and at the same time work on your blog. Work on your goals parallely and never stop one activity for the sake of starting a new activity. I wish you all the best with your entrepreneurship endeavors and online goals. Do let me know if you need any assistance related to this series. Would be a pleasure to help you out. Peace and blessings pals! :)