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Create Free Email address Using Your Website Domain with Google Apps

One of the very first things that any web owner likes to do after purchasing a domain is setting up a branded Email address ending with the domain name. Blogger users who purchase a domain often find it difficult to set the MX records in their webhosting account, thus they don't bother using a branded email address. If your website address is www.example.com then your branded email Id would look like yourname@example.com. You will be able to access it using the address mail.example.com. The best thing about todays' tutorial is that we wont be using inefficient webmail services like roundcube, squirrelmail or horde that you often find in your hostgator webmail clients. We will be using Gmail, which means you will manage all emails received at your website's email address straight in your very own custom Gmail account. You can also create up to 10 email addresses using your domain without paying a penny with Google Apps. You will stay safe, protected and most importantly served well.  Lets now create a Gmail account for your company's website or blog and connect it to your web host in easy steps.

Note: This service is no more free. Google now charges in dollars every new signup!

Note: This post may seem too much techy but its really simple to apply and all fun! So act like tomb boys and give it a try. :)

Steps To Create a Gmail Account For a Website

You will get a free 10GB storage to save all your emails no matter how loaded they may be with rich media.
Follow these easy steps:
  1. Go To Google Apps for Domains
  2. Submit your website address without typing http://
  3. Then fill up the vacant blanks with required information. Keep your username simple because this will be attached to your domain name to create your custom Gmail account username. In my case I choose Mohammad for my sister blog.
setup email with googleapps
      4.  Keep Alternate email address the same as your personal Gmail ID or any ID  that you use frequently.
      5. Click the submit button to create your account

      6. You have now successfully created an account with Google apps. Now you need to verify that you actually own the domain. You will be given two options Express and Custom. Choose express.
express and custom googleapps
   7.   Click the next buttons till you get to Domain verification page. Here you get 5 options to verify your domain which are:
  1. Upload HTML File      (Recommended Method)
  2. HTML Tag            (under alternate Methods tab)
  3. Google Analytics       (under alternate Methods tab)
  4. Domain Name provider       (under alternate Methods tab)
Choose the second option of HTML Tag because it is the easiest of all. Copy the simple Meta tag and paste it inside your template just below <head> section.
Tip for Genesis Users:
Once done, hit the verify button and you are half done.
domain verified
Click the continue link and you will be taken to Google Apps Setup wizard. You may keep all options default and keep clicking next till you reach setup Gmail:
set up gmail
Choose other from the drop down box which says "Choose your Host" Click Next
Setting up MX Records
Here you will be given four MX entries that you need to submit to your webhost.
MX records
You will need to log into your web host account and navigate to DNS Manager or DNS settings. DNS zone is also called DNS Management, Mail Server Configuration, or Name Server Management, depends on your webhost. I will be sharing here the settings for hostgator here which will give you a clear observation on what to do.
Setting For HostGator:
  1. Log in your Control Panel
  2. Click the MX entry icon just under Mail
  3. Choose your domain
  4. Set Email routing to Automatically Detect Configuration
  5. Now enter 5 MX entries one by one inside the Records box.  These MX entries are given to you by Google apps. While entering the destination remove the dot in the end. For example ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM. should be entered as ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM
MX entry hostgator
     5.  When everything has been entered correctly it will look like this:
MX entries for googleapps
Note: If an MX entry exists by default, you may delete it and keep only the above 5 MX entries. It will take 24 hours for your Email to connect to Google servers so be patient
Go back to Google apps and keep on clicking next till you complete the wizard. Though completing the setup wizard is not necessary but to avoid the irritating prompting messages better complete it.
Congratulations! You have now successfully created a custom Gmail address for your website.


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