Friday, 22 January 2016

Without or With Facebook Auto likes Access Token

Today i am going to share with you an great post because every day you learn some thing new so today we are tacking about how to get free and fast Facebook like on Facebook status without using access token or with. If you try any online tool that offer free likes or say get free likes on your profile picture or what ever they say they need one think that is access token right. Lets take an example likelo is best online site that give you almost 250 to 1200 like on your Facebook status and pictures but they need access token. Is that one is necessary or not yes that is required because when you give some one access to your profile then they can fetch information from your profile other wise they can’t fetch your details. So here question come up in our minds is that access is save for us or not. I am not sure but my experience say that is save i also use this method to get Facebook like fast and free. So all site that ask you for access token by you simply allow there application and give them access to your account they don’t steal your passwords or  messages they only fetch your details like your email, name, pictures, status and friends etc. I have one more good news for you so if you don’t want to give access to these 3rd party applications then you go for Addme fast. In addme fast they don’t need any access token they just need your Facebook fan page link, post link or picture link for like then when you provide that link where you want likes then you get tons of likes for free and that’s all i hope so you like this information if you like it then share my words please and also like and submit your reviews in comment box below.

Conclusion: Now we learn how to get free and fast like on your Facebook picture, status and fan page without using Facebook access token or using Facebook access token.

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