Friday, 22 January 2016

How To Transfer Domain Name To HostGator For Free?

Everybody knows wellwhat a domain is. It is simply the URL address that tells the browser where your server is located. It is the key to your blog. BlogSpot users often purchase domain from Blogger's recommended registrars like Godaddy. Some even purchase domains from local hosts. No matter where you domain is hosted, a good news is that luckily HostGator doesn't charge you for domain name transfers. You don't need to pay $20 or above for domain transfer, you can transfer it for free along with free technical support of the staff. Amazingly any domain transferred to HostGator is automatically renewed for an additional year for free! Today we will discuss the step by step procedure to correctly and safely transfer your domain from your current registrar to HostGator. But first make sure that you have already bought a hosting plan for your blog. 

Domain Transfer Guide
Note: Please never be panic by seeing so much details listed below. I have elaborated and exaggerated simple three steps so that every single important information is discussed in detail.

These Steps To Follow After Purchasing a Hosting Plan

HostGator will Email you all details of your account. You will have a secret Cpanel address, a username and a password. Keep this email in a safe place or folder inside your inbox. Note that if your Domain is very new and not even 2 months old then you can not transfer it. Domain names that are older than 2 months can be transferred.
After you have successfully created an account you have to follow these steps:
  1. Go To HostGator Domain Transfer
  2. Read the information there carefully and I will highlight important areas here
  3. 1. Make sure the WhoIs information is up-to-date. 
    2. Make sure you have access to the email address stated in the WhoIs Information. 
    3. Update name servers to the HostGator name servers prior to initiating transfer. 
    4. Unlock the domain. 
    5. Retrieve the EPP Authorization key from your current registrar. 
    6. Fill out the HostGator domain transfer form. 
    7. Please ensure that the domain is at least 60 days old. 
    8. This process can take up to 7 days, so please allow plenty of time for your previous registrar to approve the transfer.
The 3rd, 4thand 5th point is very important. I did not observed the step 3 while making the transfer therefore it took me around 8 days instead of 3-5 days. All these steps are extremely easy, this is what you need to do.

Update your WhoIS information:

This means that you may log into your current register account and see that it contains your primary email address that you used for HostGator while signing up.

Update the Name Servers To HostGator:

This means that you need to set DNS settings for your account. DNS can easily be set by following these easy steps:
Tip: We will follow the same tutorial here on DNS settings
  • In your Cpanel Click on Advanced DNS Zone Editor
HostGator DNS ZONE
  • You will see a form with few blank fields and an option list. We will create juts 1CNAME record but 4 A Records.
For creating CNAME do this:
  1. Inside Name write www  which will be automatically replaced with your Domain URL
  2. Inside TTL write 14400
  3. Set Type to CNAME
  4. Inside address write
  5. Click on Add Record
  6. Done!
For Creating A Record do this:
  1. Inside Name enter your naked domain name such as without the www
  2. Inside TTL write 14400
  3. Set Type to A
  4. Inside address write this I.P address
  5. Click Add Record
Repeat the process  three times and in step#3 enter for the following I.P addresses respectively:

 6.   Done!

Unlock The Domain

We often hide our personal data in WhoIs like Email address and mailing address in order to avoid spam. But you will have to remove all security checks for the domain from your Domain Control panel. Go back to your current Domain account and remove and deactivate any security settings that you may have applied. This is called Domain Unlocking.

Retrieve the EPP Authorization key

EPP authorization key is a secret code that you will need to create using Domain Transfer Tool on your current Registrar account. This code will give rights and permission to HostGator to start the domain Transfer process. Search inside your dashboard for terms such as "Domain transfer" "Transfer Domain Tool" or " EPP Authorization code" "EPP key" etc. You just need to click a button to generate this code.

Finally Fill up the form
Now you can confidently fill up the form on HostGator Domain Transfer Page.
Domain Transfer form
Your primary HostGator Domain is the Domain address you wish to transfer i.e. Your Website URL.
Domain you wish to transfer is of course your Website URL
Submit your EPP Authorization Key
Set automatic invoicing as YES. They will update you weeks before when your Web hosting reaches its expiry date so that you could renew before time.
Click Submit and you can now sit and relax!

Accept the Domain Transfer Email

Please keep checking your Inbox for any Email you may receive. Your Registrar or HostGator can contact you to verify that you are the real owner of the Domain.

How Long will it take? Will it effect your traffic?

It will take at most a week. So be patient. Your traffic will not be disturbed because it can continue as normal. Whatever transfer settings that may occur at the background wont effect your incoming traffic in any way. Our Blog went down for 24 hours because we had forgotten setting the DNS settings which I have now clearly explained under Name Servers headline so that your transfer may occur as smoothly as possible. During this time keep bugging the agents and enquire about the status of the Transfer. They never mind :>

Enjoy a Free One Year Domain Hosting

Upon the transfer HostGator automatically renews your domain for 1 additional year as a welcome gift from them. This is one reason why I call them crazy!


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