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Video Marketing Tips For Smart Bloggers - Drive Massive Traffic Plus Income!!

video marketing tips

Are you the one who has got strong visualizations? Do you find visualizing your thoughts more interesting as compared to articulating them? Are you the one who is more into background color, music and other video effects while watching a movie? To wrap up, are you a video freak? If yes, how many times have you thought to turn your freakiness into cash? If you have not given it a thought before; do it now! Because we are going to tell you the right ways that could satisfy your passion and drive you massive traffic and finally massive income through overwhelming ad impressions. All you need is to create videos and upload them smartly!

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Become a VideoGrapher:

You can think of turning your passion into profession. Just like any other career, you need to pay attention and work hard for it. Since, it is not easy to produce competitive videos without proper knowledge. As the very first step, you need to determine the type of services you will be providing i.e. will you be filming weddings only or do you plan to offer extensive editing and professional commercial videos. You may prefer to take some video editing courses to learn film aesthetics, web compression, DVD compression, adding after effects, mixing of soundtracks and the use of film-making programs etc..
Of course, you need some equipment as well such as digital video camcorder camera, lots of storage, editing software, audio equipment etc..
You can then sell your videos online, as there are many sites waiting for your creativity. You can sell your videos to istockvideo, rever or can make on demand videos at Google; just to name a few.

-Promote on Video Sharing Sites:

top video sharing sites
YouTube is the largest video sharing network and people are earning lots of money by uploading videos there. You can even make a channel of your own, just like bloggers prefer having their own blog, to generate handsome living. But, do not stick to one site only. Make your videos viral by sharing them on top 10 video sharing sites.
1) YouTube
2) Metacafe
3) Dailymotion
5) Veoh
6) VideoEgg
7) Grouper
8) Jumpcut
9) AOL
10) Eyespot
-Promote on Pinterest
pinterest tipsHere comes your stunning showcase; Pinterest! You can pin your photos to feel the taste of flicker and can re-pin or comment on it, if you are addicted to facebook. Missing the video giant? You don’t need to miss it anymore because pinterest lets you upload your videos as well. So now you have your videos besides your photos on the same wall. If anyone is following your pins, he/she would definitely have a look at your videos unintentionally. It is just like that you entered to buy a showpiece but you came out with a painting, because it won your appreciation. Hence, do not forget to pin your videos at pinterest and make full use of it. It can gain drive traffic more than your imagination.

-Video Blogging—broadcast your blog:

If you are running a blog but unable to drive enough traffic; you can use video making skills to attract the crowd. Make videos relevant to the posts you publish. If you are writing tutorials; it would be a great idea to show all the steps in the video with audio recording as per needed. You can then upload these videos on video sharing networks such YouTube, MetaCafe and DailyMotion. Don’t forget to mention your blog link in the video. Promote some of your other post topics in the end so that people follow you on your blog to find out what you have got. This would result in creating two different traffic sources for same content; search robots would crawl the text and the videos will gain traffic from video networks.

5 Smart Tips To Make a Better Video:

We will quickly share some of the fundamental tips that you need to consider while making videos.
  1. Your video should be easily understandable with subtitles, if required.
  2. Present quality tutorials with easy to follow steps. Don’t make fast moves while teaching someone.
  3. Do not speak too fast even if you are fluent enough with English because many people find it difficult to grab. Use simple language and speak as if you are talking to a naïve.
  4. Apply all the SEO tips and tricks for selecting the title, adding the description and tag it properly.
  5. Do not try to make video for nothing. Create one when its need is properly justified.

Your Say:

Today’s post was a bit different and did not focus our blogger fellows. Still, our blogger friends should give thought to video blogging because if you are not good at making video; you still have an option to embed one from YouTube that will add spice to your post. You can also make simple tutorials which consist of desktop recording using camtasia or camstudio. All this will add up to your current blog and website traffic and increase the number of your daily unique visitors and page impressions.  How did you find our post? Was it informative enough or did we miss something?We are waiting for your positive criticism.

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