Friday, 22 January 2016

What is a Sister Blog and How To Promote it ?

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The most important success key in business is “Planning”. A flawless planning with incredible determination can doubtlessly take you to ultimate heights. We have also achieved many goals using this tool. As we have shared the successful launch of our sister blog i.e. Smart Earning Methods; we thought it would be a great idea to share some tips with you all. Blogging is a science and you can progress only if you select the right thing at the time else you will end up in doing fruitless experiments only.

Time for a Sister Blog?

We have been providing tips to make your blog a success and you have been following us for so long (we are really grateful). Now you have a successful blog with handsome traffic and a reliable source of your living, and you are saving in dollars? Great…congratulations!!!But what’s next? It is the right time to think of expanding your business. As you agree that you are saving in dollars, don’t you think so it will be better to spend them so that you have more dollars to save? Yes, you need to invest if you want to expand your business. It is just like you are paying a little to earn a lot.

Planning A Sister Blog:

By planning here, I mean deciding the theme for your sister blog. It would be preferable to make it a niche if your existing blog offers a variety. You can make any single category as your target. Just like we have a “Make Money” category in MBT and launched the sister with the same goal. But yes, with broadness in it. We could also have a separate blog for “Search Engine Optimization”. So, you should review your blog many times and find out all the possible options. You can go for a totally different theme, but that would require more time and all the efforts once again, you have already experienced. You should also think if you will continue with two blogs or will cease your existing one?

Using Existing Blog:

Well that’s the real relaxing feature of setting up a new blog when you already have a successful one. You can use it as the biggest support for your new set up. This will help a lot if your sister blog is derived from your blog, as I have mentioned above. How? Simple, because your loyal readers would be sharing that interest and would definitely love to follow you there as well. You can then invite a guest post from your sister blog once a week to promote them. It would be as if you are setting up your blogging network; directing the flow of traffic from one blog to other.

Do not Over - Promote:

If you use e-books for your blog promotion; it would be a nice idea to go for a joint publication with your sister blog. But, do not speak too much about it else you may result in loosing readership, who are more interested in learning from your knowledge rather than listening your achievements. So, be careful.

Do not overlook Existing Blog:

Changes are always exciting and we tend to be more enthusiastic when we are launching a new product of any kind. You are not supposed to over look loving and faithful readers eagerly waiting for you, when you are energized. You may have to do alternate day postings but not more than that. Your absence can cause a great loss; especially when your readers are interactive enough with you. You may need to hire professional freelancers to help you cater your sister blog without affecting your base blog. It would be acceptable if the quality is little less at your sister but do not prolong this practice. Remember, your readers are used to get the best from you and they won’t be able to manage on something less.

What’s Next?

We hope this post would make you think of expanding your blog. Inform us through your feedback if you want us to articulate more on planning. Stay Blessed! Stay Happy!

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